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Hey guess what?

It is March 31st, and I haven’t received a thing from Clarion West!

Not a rejection letter (most people got theirs weeks ago!) and not a confirmation notice (because haha no), not a phone call or even a piece of snail mail.

I have sent a sternly worded email that I hope someone reads, and if I don’t hear back by Tuesday, I’m sending another.

I really don’t appreciate being ignored. A rejection would have been fine with me. Y’know, because it would have let me know WEEKS AGO what I would be doing for about eight weeks of my summer, and whether or not I should be preparing for travel across the entire continent!

I’m sure that they get boatloads of applications and all, but if Clarion West can’t deal with all of them, maybe they should get more people to read them! Because this is pretty fuckin’ lame.

  1. tarysande said: :\ that is very frustrating.
  2. fistfulofgammarays said: Dude. Not cool.
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