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There is no simulated motion blur in the movie, in order to make the movie feel like a stop-motion LEGO film. Instead, when scenes called for characters to move quickly, the animators constructed LEGO brick “streaks” in the same colors as the character.

The LEGO Movie (2014)

Moose Update:

Making serious progress on writing lately. Finished something, and doing work on several other projects. Two of which are fanfiction!

So maybe I’ll get to post something again someday! Won’t that be grand?

The trouble with the term “magic realism,” el realismo mágico, is that when people say or hear it they are really hearing or saying only half of it, “magic,” without paying attention to the other half, “realism.” But if magic realism were just magic, it wouldn’t matter. It would be mere whimsy — writing in which, because anything can happen, nothing has effect. It’s because the magic in magic realism has deep roots in the real, because it grows out of the real and illuminates it in beautiful and unexpected ways, that it works.